Deviant Marketing is not for everybody. If you want a marketing campaign that looks just like your competitors, hire somebody else.

But if you are a little bit of a legal rebel, an outsider, who wants to make a difference in the world, we’d love to help make you a marketing campaign to crush your competition.


We are passionate about access to justice. Our founder created the Pro Se Justice Project in Cook County while a Professor at Loyola Law.

Here’s the problem, if no one knows about you, you can’t help them. Then no one gets access to justice.

That’s really why Deviant Marketing exists. To use every tactic possible to get as many clients as possible into the hands of the best attorneys. They need your help, you want to help them, we make that possible.

What is Geo-Targeting and Why Should You Care?

If you bought an ad in People Magazine you could reach roughly three and a half million people. But if you’re a law firm that practices only in Indiana, that won’t help you much because most of those people live outside of Indiana.

What If I Only Want Rich Clients?

Many lawyers have hired a marketing consultant who promised them a flood of clients and instead they got a flood of calls from people wanting pro bono help. That exact experience is what caused me to start using my marketing training from my MBA to figure this stuff out for myself.

We Produce Results

We Make You Money

In 2017, our founder spent $21,324.86 on marketing for his law firm. As a result his firm’s revenue increased by $218,106.89. We want to do the same for you.

We Find Your Perfect Client

There are clients out there who want you to help them and who are happy to pay for that help. You just need to find them. That’s what we do. We find them and tell them why you’re the best attorney for them.

We Tell Them Why You’re Awesome

We’ll tell your ideal clients why you’re the perfect attorney to solve their problems. It’s just that simple.

We’re Compliant With ALL Ethics Rules

We know how hard you worked to get your law license. You don’t want to put that in jeopardy with some marketing company. We were founded by a lawyer, and our marketing will get you clients without putting your license at risk.


Next Steps...

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